Gallery Artézi in Budapest Gallery Artézi in Budapest
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Artézi is an association of independent artists not expecting or accepting financial support – a price to pay for freedom.
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Gallery ARTÉZI in budapest
Founded by artists in 2013.
Gallery Artézi, 1037 Hungary, Budapest, Óbuda, Kunigunda u.18.
Founding artists:
Dóra Németh graphic artist
Emory Ladányi(1902-1986) painter
László Lonovics painter
Géza Németh painter
András Orvos painter
Imre Szemethy graphic artist
Guest artists:
Gábor Török painter, designer graphic artist and animation specialist
Katalin Kelemen textile artist
Katalin Mózes painter
Abert Kováts painter
István Sinkó visual artist
Levente Thury sculptor
Imre Pistyur sculptor
László Tenk painter
Pál Laukó painter


The price of freedom
by Katalin Spengler

Initiated by painter Géza Németh, Artézi Gallery was founded by artists who had seen, learned and experienced abundantly during their careers. From their previous practices of cooperating with various showrooms, art institutions and curators they then drew the conclusion that the most efficient way of creating art was the independent way. These few artists were lucky enough to have the chance of developing this condition.
The founding members of the gallery, renown Hungarian artists with numerous exhibitions behind had been colleagues on good terms ever since the late sixties or the early seventies.
Géza Németh, the art adviser and manager of Artézi Gallery last had his solo exhibition at the Körmendi Gallery in Budapest. Painter and photographer Kálmán Kecskeméti, who worked in György Kovásznai's studio in the seventies prior to acting as editor for several TV-programs, had his last one-man show at Haas Gallery. András Orvos the painter, who participated in the one-time Chapel Shows at Balatonboglár presently lives in Vác, which saw most of his exhibits during the last decade. Graphic artist Imre Szemethy, the holder of Munkácsy State Award and that of Distinguished Artist also known for his training artists used to belong to the art circles of Várfok Gallery in the nineties. Painter Emory Ladányi had been one of the founding members and a participant of the 'Der Sturm' exhibition. Since his death in 1986, his legacy has been taken care of by Géza Németh. Joining forces with young artists like Dóra Németh they opened the Gallery with presenting a group exhibition entitled Once Together in October 2013.

2014, spring