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Artézi is an association of independent artists not expecting or accepting financial support – a price to pay for freedom.
Untitled Document
András Bojti

András Bojti, sculptor, performer
Born in 1952 in Budapest.
1977: Diploma: Department of Design at the Hungarian College of Applied Arts.
1987: Diploma: Department of Film Director and Cinematographer, Hungarian Theater and Film Academy.
Since 1977 he has been doing independent artistic activities.
Member of MAOE or MKISZ's. Member of the Hungarian Sculpture Society. The Association of Hungarian Artists.
1989: Prints c. graphic film category prize / Montreal / second prize / Miskolc /.
2002: ll. prizes: Monumental Public plastics: "The Gates of the Mission" / Munster, Germany / 2005: Tsunami International Monument and Architecture Award Highlights (Bangkok)
Triangle Arts Assiciation Workshop, (New York, USA)
Invited Artist at the Philadelphia University of The Arts (USA)
The Hungarian Television presents: The Island of Creation and the Hungarian Sculpture Society
Exhibition in New Jersey c. movies.
2014: Construction Award: Sauflon Innovation Center
Featured exhibitions:
• 1995: Vigadó Gallery.
• 1996: Opera House.
• 1998: Art Gallery Artexpo.
• 2002: Fundation Vasarely / Aix en Provence /
Galerie Susini / Aix en Provence /
Glass sculpture in the park / Munster /
Tor am Tor c. protrudes. / Berlin, Hungarian Embassy /
2011: Rencontre de Jardins / Sait Tropez /
• 2013: "Lighthouse in the Safe" Fuga Architectural Center, Budapest
• 1994: The Hungarian Institute in Paris.
• 2001: Workshop. Sculpture here and beyond.
• International Public Statue Symposium / Senegal /
• 2005: International Tsunami Memorial Contest, Bangkok, (Thailand)
o Trenton (USA) (Hungarian Sculpture Society)

• 2006: New York, Triangle Arts Association Workshop (USA)
• 2007: Magic: Hungarian Sculpture Society (Szentendre, Art Mill)
• 2009: Deduction, Sculptor Biennale, Szentendre, Art Mill
• 2014: First Hungarian Architectural Salon. Kunsthalle.
ART-MARKET, Millenáris Park
Exhibition of the Hungarian Sculpture Society, Evidencia c. Szentendre Art Mill
"Colors and Shapes" Ballart Project. Bálna, Budapest.
2015 “COLOR - FORM - SPACE” Contemporary Hungarian Geometric Exhibition in Zsolnay, Pécs
Cultural Quarter
2016 „COLOR - FORM - TÉR” Contemporary Hungarian Geometric Exhibition Szeged Reöck
• 2017 "WINTER, PLAY, BEAUTY" My trainer. Alliances. Exhibition Balassi


National Small Sculpture Exhibition, STEFANIA PALOTA Budapest


"BOJTI ON THE ROAD" Photo and Metal Statue Exhibition, Artesian Gallery,

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