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Ali Kianmehr, festőművész
Ali Kianmehr was born in Teheran in 1982.
He educated in graphic design and Persian Calligraphy.
His calligraphy-paintings included in some exhibitions in Iran like “Tehrān museum of contemporary art”.
He is focusing on designing calligraphy and painting them on large canvases, and also teaching calligraphy-painting and typography.

E-mail: ali.kianmehr@gmail.com

2017 Group exhibition, laa an der thaya
2016 Group exhibition, Rearte Gallery
2016 Group Calligraphy exhibition, UNO, Vienna
2014 Individual Calligraphy painting, Iran
2013 a)Individual Calligraphy painting, Iran
b) Fajr art Festival, as invited artist
c)Qoran Exhibition, as invited artist
2012 Group Typographic Poster Contest and exhibition, Iran