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Mohamed Azzam, festőművész
Date and place of born:18 Aug.1946,in Aswan-Agypt.
1966- Graduated in Teachers Institut for fine art education.
1966-1983:working as teacher for fine art, then resigned to full-time journalism.
1984-1990:working as journalist in Egypt by:-
Sabah Al Kheir magazine, worked as assistant to Tech Producer.
Alkatib magazine, as Topics-Painter,Alsyasi newspaper,as Topics-Painter.
Al Ahali newspaper,as Cartoonist and Editor.
Al Mawgif Alarabi,as Secretary of Tech.Editing,and also as Editor.
Sawt Alarab(Voice of the Arab),as Secretary of Tech. Editing,aswell as Editor.
Dar Althagafa Aljadeeda(The new House of Culure),as Publishing Director.
Working in Austria:
1991-1992:House of Arabesque,as Fine Art Superviser.
1993-1996: Freelance Journalist.
1997-2000:Fine Art Superviser by Arab Scoop magazine.
1997-2000:Reporter and Correspondent for Al Ahali,Al Isboua, Sawt, Al Arab.
2000-2001:Teacher for fine-art-education,in the Islamic Academy-Vienna.
2001-2004: Freelance Journalist.
2005-2011:Teacher for fine-art-education, by the Int.Instituts of Al Azhar in Vienna.
2002-2006:Editor in Chief of Jusur magazine, paper,and electronic.
2011-2013:Deputy Editor in Chief of Al Jadeeda Electronic Network.
2014-Now:Freelance Journalist.
Other skills:
Publisher of newspaper and magazines
Public Actions:
Member of the Arab Organisation for Human Rights.
Founding member of the National Progressive Party in Egypt.
Former Secretary General of the General Union of Egyptians in Austria.
Secretary Gen. of the Association of Arabic Culture in Austria.
President of the Arabic House for Culture and Arts in Austria.