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Elisabeth Ledersberger-Lehoczky, szobrászművész
Elisabeth Ledersberger-Lehoczky was born in Budapest, she came to Austria in
1961 and since 1963 she is Austrian citizen. She visited the elementary classes in
Hungary and Austria, the educational establishment school for women and history of art / University in Vienna.
1983 she opened her own Gallery in the city of Vienna ,Ring-Galerie ( until 1989 ).
1992 she started with sculpturing, she lives and works in Austria and Hungary.
Elisabeth Ledersberger-Lehoczky is juror and curator for many international

She founded the cultural contacts “Alpe-Adria-Pannonia” and is the initiator of the artprojekt “Rolling Stars and Planates” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rolling_Stars_and_Planets

Concept and design for 55. Venice Biennale, 2013, Hungarian National Pavillon http://www.velenceibiennale.com/palyazok.html

Orders/ big sculptures on public places in many European countries like:
Austria, Hungary, Greece, Italy, Croatia, Rumania, Scotland, Argentina and China, Changchun, also many international exhibitions show from her mostly sculptures works.

Curator of the KUNSTHAUS LAA im BÜRGERSPITAL www.kunsthauslaa.at
Curator for the outdoor-gallery FREILUFTGALERIE in Laa an der Thaya

Member of :
IAA, AIAP, International association of art
associacion internationale des arts plastiques/ UNESCO / Paris ;
”Mödlinger Artist Association”; Austrian Sculptor Association / Künstlerhaus
Free International Artists;
MKISZ, Association of Hungarian Fine and Applied Artists