Kálmán Kecskeméti
Kálmán Kecskeméti
painter, photographer
Professional biography

He was born in Budapest in 1942. After completing his highschool studies he started with his art training.
In 1962-65 he lived in Pécs where he was apprenticed to Ferenc Martyn
From 1963 on he has been appearing in the printed press Jelenkor (Present Time ), Élet és Irodalom (Life and Literature), Nagyvilág (The Whole World), Mozgó Világ World on the Move) etc.
Since 1964 Kecskeméti has been exhibiting painting and photography.
He received specialist training in making films ads and later in foreign trade and PR management.
In the 70s he worked for György Kovásznai's animated films at the Pannonia Film Studios in Budapest.
He was appointed to be the art manager of Károlyi Palace in Budapest in 2001.
For five years he worked as the editor of the cultural programme Colour/Scene for Hungarian TV Channel 2.
He is the member of the National Association of Hungarian Creative Artists and of The Society of Hungarian Painters, has been elected an honorary member of the Hungarian Filmmakers' Association.