Géza Németh
Géza Németh
Born in Hungary in 1944

2013 and on Art adviser for Artézi Gallery
2013 Member of the Rearte Gallery (Vienna, Austria)
2005 and on Lives and works in Budapest
2002-2003 Lived and worked in New York, N.Y. 2001-2002 Rome, Italy, studied Renaissance art
1994 Member of the Hungarian Artists' Association
Member of the Hungarian Fine Arts Association.
Founder of Arthis Foundation and Publishing House
1991 Founder and Director of Studio Ars Una
1987 Winner of the World Bank International Award for Art
One year in New York City and Washington, D.C.
1985-1986 New York, Ariel Gallery SOHO, completed serigraph portfolio
1984 Art director of an Artists' Group
1982 Art director of a Graphic Art Studio
1979 Member of the Artists' Association of the People's Republic of Hungary
1971-1982 Worked as an architect
1969 Graduated as an architect from the Miklós Ybl Technical College
1963 Teacher Training College of Szeged, Hungary, Majored in art and mathematics
1959 Studied at Fine Arts School, Budapest Specialized in painting

National Association of Hungarian Creative Artists
The Alliance of Hungarian Fine and Applied Artists
The Society of Hungarian Painters
The Hungarian Szépmíves Company