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Artézi is an association of independent artists not expecting or accepting financial support – a price to pay for freedom.
Untitled Document

10 March-10 Apryl, 2018

17:00 Saturday, 10 March, 2018
Opening words by Albert Kováts painter

Exhibiting artists:
Ágnes Faragó  painter
József Gábos  visual artist
János Géczi  visual artist
András Húber  sculptor
Katalin Kelemen  visual artist
Gábor Király  painter
Eszter Láng  visual artist
Erzsébet Lieber  visual artist
Iscsu István Molnár  visual artist
Katalin Mózes  painter
Géza Németh  painter
István Sinkó  painter
Imre Szemethy visual artist
Kati Székelyi  visual artist
Éva T. Horváth  visual artist